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Knowledge For the Savvy Bicycle Traveler



Planning is key to saving money traveling. Using websites like Tripadvisor is a great way to get an overview of places you want to visit and stay. However, the best places are not always listed in these sites. Further research is always warranted.

A car is a great convenience if you are familiar driving on Italian roads and highways. If you do plan to do so, plan to get an international license just in case you get stopped. It can save you a lots of aggravation when the police authority escorts you back to the station because he/she cannot read your license.. However, it may be more a burden than a convenience if you plan to drive into highly populated tourist areas. In such instances it is best to travel by train.  Just realize that if you want to travel with the general public with your bike, in most cases you must disassemble your bike, place it in a carrying case or box and carry it as luggage unless you take trains that allow bikes. These trains (that allow bikes) usually have designated wagons. 

Staying in the center of tourists attractions is not always the best option. Accommodation costs, parking, and traffic may be something to consider. Sometimes finding a place a short distance away is a better solution. Consider enjoying the attractions throughout the day but returning to a more feasible location at night. Rick Steve's offers a great solution so you can see the sites without missing the major attractions with the use of his apps and audio tours.



Traveling with a bike poses its own host of rewards and problems. If your trip's focus is riding you bike while experiencing Italy, then I would encourage you to take your bike. If the the situation is vice-versa, then rent a bike. 

Here are some points to consider:

  • There is nothing like riding a bike that is familiar to you.

  • Bike as extra luggage on airlines can carry a $400 charge or more per bike for a 2 way trip.

  • Rental cars are smaller and don't accommodate bike boxes well unless you rent an oversized vehicle that comes with an additional expense. Furthermore rental bike racks are not easy to find. A solution is a universal bike rack like SeaSucker.

  • Are you ready to lug around a bike if you plan to visit tourist sites, and carry it in/out of hotels?

  • If you chose one of our bicycle tours and plan to go to Florence, Rome, Venice, etc. We can store your bike for you until you return to pick it up.

What do you do if your partner is not a strong rider as you are?

Thank the heavens for e-bikes! They have made riding with a significant other a whole lot more pleasant. However, keep in mind that e-bikes are limited to 15 mph in Europe but that is plenty when riding in the mountains where our trips are mostly located.

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